Author Topic: File detected as virus by Secureage but clean according to VT  (Read 7126 times)

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Not the first time it happens.  Not sure if I should post in the false positive section, but it seems dead... anyway, feel free to move it.

Basically, what I think happens is this:  Secureage makes a scan of my computer, detects false positive, but between the time the detection is made and me checking the report, the anti-virus database have been updated, and the suspect files are now considered clean.

Currently, I have the file "c:\program files(x86)\google\Update\\GoogleUpdateSetup.exe" considered as "Win.Worm.Tenga-101" by ClamWin.
Uploading the file to .
I had the same problem with Tor, a bunch of files were reported as viruses by TotalDefense, and AVG reported a critical file from Eset Smart Security to be a virus.  Again, Virustotal reported these as 0/57.

There does not seem to be a way to rescan the files as far as I can see, it seems to always use the latest scan.  I kinda expected the software to re-check the files I considered to be false positive with virustotal (or similar database), but pressing "Complete Scan" simply retrieves the latest scan.

My choice seems to ignore the file, or disable the particular AV engine that is consistently reporting false positives, in this case ClamWin.  If I ignore the file(s) for now, if these are ever really infected in the future, would Securage still find the virus?

Thank you.

P.S. I use only the universal scan engine, not the offline one.

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Re: File detected as virus by Secureage but clean according to VT
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2015, 07:50:39 AM »
Sorry for the late reply.
Our UAV server will keep scanning your files repeatedly, so you do not need to trigger any action for the rescan.

It depends on the action you take. UAV server will still scan the file for virus but whether it prompts you depend on:
1. If you click on ignore once, you will be prompted again on the next full system scan
2. If you ignore permanently, you will not be prompted anymore, even if the file is considered as virus in the future
3. if you disable a certain AV engine (for example ClamWin in your case), you will still be prompted when any other AV engine considers the file as virus in the future