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Hi all, I'm Yuki.
Same as those guys already posted in this thread, I've also been beta tester.
Really hope there'll be many good suggestions & feedbacks to improve SAP because I can't use my PC w/out SAP :D
I'm from Japan & not so good at English, sorry.

Welcome Yuki. Happy to see you :) No worries about your English. You have given us some good suggestions during the beta :)

Hi Sinlam,

It's nice to finally be back home and see that the final release has been made.  For new members, I was a beta tester.  Beta testing was an interesting experience and many thanks to you, Pederson, Yuki, and others I really learned a lot.  I look forward to where this great product is going.

Hi rks1960,

Welcome and good to see you again :)

We truly appreciate your time for testing SecureAPlus despite of your busy schedule. The best thing is you also get comments from your wife and son about the user interface which we find it extremely valuable from a non-technical perspectives. Thank you so much :)

The submitt function.. how does this exactly work. I am on a 3G connection and sending data cost money. I need to have a better control of this feature.. I do love the software however


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