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Hi everybody,

A warm welcome to the newly joined members :) You are most welcome to introduce yourself to all the other members of this forum here.

First of all, let me first introduce myself. Hi, I am sinlam. Some of you may have already known me from other forums. I am one of the product development team of SecureAPlus.

When you are here, please make yourself feel at home. Feel free to give any comment or suggestion on how to improve SecureAPlus. If you encounter any problem while using SecureAPlus, you can report your problem here anytime or email to or send me a private message :)

Looking forward to hear all your comments ;)


Hello all. I am Pedersen.

I am administrator for Immunet antivirus as some of you know and I have been following SAP since the early stages. I also went by the beta under the name Pedersen and I look forward to talk with ya all.

Hi Pedersen, nice to see you again. Hope to hear more great ideas from you :)

Hello sinlam, and all the members! Nice new forum you've got here. I am Kelvin, and I've been a proud beta tester for secureaplus! Glad to see progress! From US, California.

Happy to see you again Kelvin. Thank you for your great support since our very first beta program last year. Looking forward to hear more suggestions from you :)


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