Author Topic: SecureAPlus v6.4.0  (Read 23088 times)

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SecureAPlus v6.4.0
« on: October 13, 2020, 10:31:04 AM »
Here are the detail changes:

Bugs fixed:
- Added msedge.exe into restricted application
- Typo: "Vulnerabilty", changed to: "Vulnerability"
- App Settings->Application Whitelisting->Advanced Settings
  In "Script tab", it shows "Instalutil.exe".
  This is a typo, and has been changed to "installutil.exe"
- Memory leak in saappsvc.exe when communicating with the server.
- Crash in sascansvc.exe 
- BSOD when whitelist file is huge

- Updated German translation
- Skip real-time scanning for the files that are in the exclusion list
- Delete SecureAPlus shortcut at the desktop during uninstallation.
- Change description text for SecureAPlus Mode.
- For Enterprise Edition, the default mode will be Interactive Mode.
What's new:
- Added Reaqta in the trusted certificate list
- Added: MpCmdRun.exe, ntrscan.exe, cyveraservice.exe into the restricted application list