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Tray icon broken (edited twice)
« on: May 28, 2020, 05:44:28 AM »
Paid pro user here! Avira addon too!.

The tray-icon will sometimes freeze up and not show that it's in the position that it's currently in. The icon will show like it's in interactive mode even though it's been switched to silent mode.

I tried to attach a picture, and even though I cropped it really small, I couldn't attach it to this post.

To whoever answers emails for support! I will be contacting you about this shortly with my username from the forums here in the subject line. I've emailed you from the address bound to my S.A.P. account many times

Edit: It appears as though the bug doesn't happen when there's no offline AV installed.

I can only get it to happen when I have the avira addon installed. A request I have is for people who bought the avira addon to have the option to remove it and not be nagged about it by the updater. But still to have the option to install it again if someone who paid for it might want it again for whatever reason.

I really like that you guys fix discovered problems with your software quickly. So I hope you can add something like that soon :end edit

Okay, I just had this issue happen without the offline AV too
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