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SecureAPlus v4.6.1
« on: May 23, 2017, 10:39:57 PM »
We are pleased to announce the release of SecureAPlus v4.6.1

Here are the detail of the changes:

Bugs fixed:
- After trusted a command line, it still prompt the user whether to trust the command line on the next execution.
- License.exe was not deleted from temp folder.
- Universal AV crashed when it is using proxy.
- Client does not response to the server request to refresh the whitelisted USB storage.
- Crash in the driver when auto whitelisting the default temporary .ps file.
- SecureAPlus was unable to prompt for a file that is blocked if it can't access the file.
- Adding command line rule from the main UI, when the action is set to block all, the action changed to let user decide.
- Unable to delete trusted group if the SID cannot be found.
- When changing the action of command line rule, the entry becomes duplicate.
- Double entries when adding a new whitelisted command line rule that has been in the list.
- Crash when getting expiry date from the server if the server returns error.
- Unable to add case sensitive command line from main UI.
- Sometimes the temporary .ps1 file was not automatically trusted when the user mode SecureAPlus application is not up yet.

- Script files are included in the initial whitelist.
- Auto close "Finish Installation" dialog if user does not response in 1 minute.
- Improve initial whitelisting speed when the speed is set to fast.
- When a script is blocked, the log will show the parent process that is calling the script.
- Re-layout Universal AV Scan result dialog to fit in low resolution screen.
- Default trusted certificates are only added on the first time installation.
- Modify dialog when prompting the user to set process as an installer.
  Previously "This process is not an installer. Set it as restricted application" button will only appear if user clicks on "More". Now it will appears without the user need to click on "More" button.
- Modify help files when application whitelisting prompting a user whether to trust an untrusted file.
- Change text: "The process is creating a new executable file. Would you like to set the process as a trusted installer?" to "The process is creating a new executable or script file. Would you like to set the process as a trusted installer?"
- Change "SecureAPlus Portal" to "Portal".
- Reduce standard text font size by 1 pt for Japanese and Chinese language.

What's new:
- Support add and overwrite whitelisted command line for SMS.
- Set icon for Finish installation dialog, which will appear in the task bar.
- Added tixati.exe, and zipware.exe into restricted application list.
- Added refresh button in Command line rules and Whitelisted Command Line dialog.
- Add log in the driver when renaming a file as script.
- Prompt trusted user when a process (not an installer process) is creating a script.
- Set border line for table column header in the main UI.
- Added log for Antivirus file scanner context menu.
- SecureAPlus Broadcast announcement.