Author Topic: Open Beta & Official Launch Date for Version 4  (Read 61797 times)

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Open Beta & Official Launch Date for Version 4
« on: March 11, 2016, 10:33:41 AM »
Greetings to All SecureAPlus Forum Members!

We are currently undergoing a Public Beta for SecureAPlus. This means that a SecureAPlus account is no longer required to get your hands on the latest Beta version. So if you know anyone who has been holding off from joining the Beta due to the account creation requirement, you now let them know that they can try our the new SecureAPlus out by simply visiting our revamped website -

For the benefit of our loyal testers, the following are the changes made over the previous version (4.1.5):

What's new:
- Added script rule for .hta file.
- New UI for "Show All Trust Level." User
- Add tips to help users to decide what to do when they get prompted by Application Whitelisting.
- If Webroot is detected to be installed before SecureAPlus, prompt the user to install Webroot after SecureAPlus.

Bugs fixed:
- Small gap on top of the monitor picture at "App Settings" -> "Others" -> "Notification"
- Finish installation dialog does not appear in Windows XP.
- Icon in the "Manage User rights" page is not synchronized with other sub pages under "App Settings" -> "Others"
- sanotifier.exe crash when UAV server is down.
- Typo: “certicate”, changed to “certificate”
- On the Updates settings, clicked the toggle for 'Use System Proxy Settings', if the default proxy settings is empty, it prompt a message, but the proxy and port field become disabled.
- Typo error: “exectuable files”, changed to "executable files"

- When server is still doing immediate scan in the manual scanner, shows the number of files remaining and wait until all files are finished.
- Modify Trusted Certificate page to split the list and the add page.
- Modify some color scheme in the main console.
- Change SecureAPlus logo in the main console to (left top) to Computer Status logo
- Change color scheme in Quarantine & History.
- Remove back buttons in Quarantine & History pages
- Remove back button in the UAV status.
- Remove back button in the Security Features Details.
- Change Full System scan icon.
- Change "View Status" icon
- Right aligned buttons in manual scanner.
- Change "Notify me for new update" to "Notify me about new update"
- Change “Trusted Certificate” to “Trusted Certificates”
- Change icons and color in “Info & Licenses”
- Change SecureAPlus box pictures in the “License” page
- Right aligned buttons in the UAV scan results.
- Change buttons color in UAV scan results.
- Color theme in the settings pages.
- Adjust text position in the Notifications page (left-top, and right-top).
- Change hover button at the notifications settings.
- At “Home” screen, align “View Status” and “Threats Detected” button to the left.
- Change text, when UAV detected threats, display “Threat(s) detected”. Previously it shows “Your computer is at risk.”.
- Change SecureAPlus taskbar icon.
- Change "Universal AV Status" title color from blue to purple
- Set left and right margin to 0 for tab form.
- Change ComboBox color.
- While ClamAV or UAV is in the progress doing file scanning, close the file handle. Previously the handle is closed only after the scanning is completed.
- Use https protocol to download SecureAPlus update for Windows Vista or later.

We will be officially relaunching SecureAPlus on 15 March 2016 (12:00 GMT +8) and we hope that people will like, both existing and new users, what we have done to make it better.

Rest assured that there are plenty of things set to be added to SecureAPlus to make it even more attractive to users, based on the feedback we received during the Beta, in the coming months so do look forward to those.
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Re: Open Beta & Official Launch Date for Version 4
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2016, 01:20:58 PM »
Does this mean that the beta is over?

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Re: Open Beta & Official Launch Date for Version 4
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2016, 12:20:11 PM »
Sorry we missed out your post.
Yes, the beta is over.