Author Topic: Round 2 Suggestions: Gaming Mode  (Read 13576 times)

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Round 2 Suggestions: Gaming Mode
« on: January 11, 2016, 05:43:13 PM »
Was retesting various AV programs and just noticed one feature lacking from SecureAPlus that might be of huge consideration: Gaming Mode

A setting to either toggle in the settings menu, tray, or maybe the main interface to enable it. When enabled, SecureAPlus will not try updating or scanning (pausing any in-progress scans) while a fullscreen application is running, as well as automatically enabling "silent mode" while the application is running. Once the application is minimized or closed, "silent mode" is (at least temporarily) disabled and the missed notifications can be shown, unless the application is re-maximized in which case each missed notification gets added back to the queue. Once the application is closed, the ability for SecureAPlus to update and scan (resuming a previously runnig scan) is re-enabled as well. I'm sure gamers all over would this, or similar functionality.

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Re: Round 2 Suggestions: Gaming Mode
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2016, 03:28:53 PM »
A wonderful suggestion and a feature that we are actually looking into adding in the very near future. In order to manage expectations, I'd like to clearly say however that this will not be ready in time for the launch of the new UI but we are working on it.

Most of your suggestions actually are being considered as to how this works. A few things I'd like to get your feedback from however are:

1. Will game mode be something that users must consciously switch to before gaming. Will a prompt be helpful when a full screen application is detected to be launching to remind users to switch into it?

2. Or is it something that is always on (when set on the settings) that automatically stops all network activity and prompting while the full screen is active?

3. On the issue of defining when gaming mode is/or will be active, is it solely for any full screen applications or would it be preferred to add executables on their own list that auto-triggers game-mode?

These are things that we are considering and it would be great if you and other Beta Testers can share your opinions/feedback on how well can this be executed by SecureAPlus.