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SecureAPlus v4.8.1
« on: March 26, 2018, 08:45:33 AM »
We have just released SecureAPlus version 4.8.1.

Here are the detail of the changes.

Bugs fixed:
- When asking for permission to upload files, Yes and No buttons are not translated to foreign language.
- If ClamAV engine failed to run, turn off and turn on Offline Antivirus settings, does not restart the engine.

- When SecureAPlus server is redirected to SecureAge Management Server, the download file for software update will follow the port that was set. In the previous version only the standard https port is supported.
- Change edit box context menu color, for selected text, the text color is changed from white to black, and the background is set to blue.
- When the computer is just rebooted, stop updating Security Center if SecureAPlus detects that it has been registered in the Security Center.
- Do not prompt "Would you like to refresh the engines now?" when SecureAPlus detected there is any changes on the list of Universal AV engines at the server.
- When one of the checked item is unckecked, the select/unselect all checkbox will also be unchecked.
- The number of the total engine is shown based on the number of the total active engines used at the server.

What's new:
- Show the detail list of unknown and uploaded files in the manual scanner.