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Title: SecureAPlus v4.3.1
Post by: hendy on August 15, 2016, 08:47:04 AM
We have just released SecureAPlus v4.3.1.

Here are the detail of the changes:

Bugs fixed:
- Prevent BSOD when doing real-time scanning in Windows XP.
- "Initial Application Whitelisting" when make into 2 lines was cut off as "Initial Application Whitelisti ng".
- When USB removable storage device is set to "Do not scan", when a USB device inserted it prompts to select files instead.
- Fixed cut off text for Polish translation.
- “Delete” word in manual scanner button was cut off in German language.

- Optimize real-time scanner.
- Updated traditional and simplified Chinese translation.
- Updated Polish translation.
- Updated Vietnamese translation.
- No longer prompting user for the temporary .ps file created by powershell in Windows 10.
- Change unblock color to green, and block color to red (refer to:
- Updated Russian translation.
- Online installer no longer showing download progress bar in silent mode.

What's new:
- Improve accessibility when navigating scan result (especially for blind and visually impaired people).