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SecureAPlus v6.7.0


Bugs fixed:
- Keep asking for reboot even the software is up to date 
- Virus signature version shown in About, even if there is no 3rd party offline AV engine
- Vulnerability Assessment dialog did not show foreign language translation
- Removable device was not translated to Japanese language
- Exclusion list is not applicable for Manual scanner
- Standardized log time stamp format according to ISO 8601
- Updated Japanese translation
- Show full path file name in the notification dialog
- Improve real-time scanning on word document.
- No longer restore deleted default script and command line rules
What's new:
- Added: azureus.exe into restricted application list. 
- Added checkbox to do not show any more, for Good News Dialog 
- Restore Default Settings button in the script and command line rules settings. 


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