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Vulnerability scan is mad

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Jean-Loup PABST:

Since one week, the vulnerability scan detect 1475 Windows 10 vulnerabilities.
i have changed nothing, i have Windows 10 LTSC 64bit. When i start windows update there are no new update.
i have checked the update history and most update detected are already installed.

Could you please advice ?
best regards

the vulnerability scan is completely broken.

On my system it alerts me about an outdated version of .NET framework that I have long since updated from.

My plea to SecureAge, as an early adopter of their software is to hire penetration testers and hire bug testers too. And then listen to them when they find problems with the software.

Hi, thank you for your patience and for letting us know. I have alerted the developers regarding this known error, and I will update if there is any resolution.

Hi, kindly try the vulnerability scan again, and feel free to reach out to us if any issues arises.

Jean-Loup PABST:

All alert disappeared except this CVE : CVE-2019-1316
i think it's an error it's an old CVE (2019)



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