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SecureAPlus v6.5.2


Bugs fixed:
- License changed to trial license while doing “live migration” in VMotion.
- Microsoft Edge was not listed in Software Inventory
- Keep prompting on .bat file create an executable file even after user click on "Always Trust" or "Set the .bat file as a trusted installer"
-  Total number of engine shown as 2 in manual scanner with UAV           
-  Unable to trust Untrusted service that is signed by trusted digital certificate, and run during boot-up
- Fixed sascan.sys crash
- Unable to perform auto log archive, after changing from Managed by SMS to not managed, and rebooted.
- Change "USB Storage Device" to Removable Media.

What's new:
- Check untrusted script files against Global Whitelist if the policy is managed by either portal or SMS, regardless whether it was run by a trusted account user.
- Added w3wp.exe and php-cgi.exe into restricted application list


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