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SecureAPlus v6.5.1
« on: February 24, 2021, 05:26:51 AM »
Bugs fixed:
-  SMS did not receive software inventory
- After new installation, SecureAPlus machine was not immediately registered to SMS.
  The machine is only registered after reboot.
- saappsvc.exe crash
- After uninstall SecureData, Application Whitelisting is not running.
- SecureAPlus Service crashed after changing motherboard. 
- Universal AV crash
-  sanotifier uses Classic theme instead of SecureAPlus 2019 theme, when run right after installation.
- Check untrusted .exe files against Global Whitelist if the policy is manged by either portal or SMS, regardless whether it was run by a trusted account user.
- When license expired, do not show "Removable Device" sub menu, under "App Settings"->"Application Whitelisting", as this feature is not supported in Lite version.
- Updated German translation

What's new:
- Added "Insider Security" into trusted certificate list.
- Hash log entry
- Supports Built-in SD Card reader as Removable Media.