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There was a post at Wilders Security forum about a possible by-pass of SecureAPlus. I replied to it but I am not a security expert. Please take a look at it HERE.

I saw it replied to it too.

It's a smart-ass showing it successfully blocking a threat and then just saying that it doesn't work.

People were doing that with voodooshield's autopilot mode a few years ago. They rig the test with an unrealistic scenario and then they say it failed. But if they ran it with the recommended settings it wouldn't have missed anything.

What that person over on wilders did is they showed a prompt where SAP successfully blocked it and prompted the user about it, and then the "tester" allowed it.

Just saw the post...thanks for letting us knw!

Kudos for your replies! ;D

In THIS post at Wilders forum, that fellow is now claiming that files were encrypted BEFORE SecureA+ gave its alert. Please take a look at his post and respond to it. I posted a reply, but I am NOT a security expert so I might be far off-base.

Thank you for your replies on the other forum, we will raise this up to our team regarding the concern, and seems like the person may have raised it to us here.


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