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SecureAPlus v6.5.0
« on: December 20, 2020, 02:37:22 PM »
Bugs Fixed:
- Driver crashed at when running Qsync.exe
- Double pop-up when non-trusted user changes trust by digital signature mode
- In hardened Windows, when non admin user changes the setting, the user keep get prompted by Windows.
- APEX Update textbox glitch
- Broken link in SecureAPlus Client UI, when click on “View via browser“
- SecureAPlus main console shows Auto mode when SAP client in Silent mode. It supposed to be in lockdown mode.

- Optimization in the files trusted by trusted installer.
- Optimization in the entries written to SecureAPlus.log
- Do not show “Downloaded: <bytes>” in Antivirus.log when performing APEX update.
- Vulnerability Assessment: it will only show OS/.NET vuln should the “more info” be clicked at its respective row
- Reduce the requirement to reboot after installation.
- Reinstalling the same version does not require reboot.

What’s New:
- Everything version
- Vulnerability Assessment includes OS vulnerability
- Supports link for custom request for whitelist approval message
- Automatically trust major Windows update without prompting users.
- Added some new certificates from Lenovo into the trusted certificate list.
- Adjustable sending log interval for SecureAPlus managed by Management Server.
- Added splunkd.exe, mongod.exe , goodsync.exe , csc.exe into restricted application