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License from beta of SAP-android doesn't give the whole six months


Hello there. I've tried to email about this and it's been two days with no response.

I beta tested SAP for android on two devices. I used one of those licenses already, so I activated the second one that's supposed to be good for six months, but it's only good for one month. I emailed on December 18th about this on Normally your people would've gotten back to me about this by now.

I realize things have been hectic lately, but I would've imagined that everyone who's supposed to be answering those emails would be telecommuting.

Hi GrDukeMalden, we believe we have resolved the issue yesterday via - do update us if the expiration is back to normal.

Just in case, may we confirm is the license code with the wrong expiration date tied to SecureAPlus ID:  ****s@0h-***002

May we also check if you have received the email? Kindly check spam/junk folders too.


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