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Cyber GhosT:
Greetings SAP community and staff.  ;)
My tag is CyberGhosT and I look forward to browsing the forums and sharing with the community.
I am 48 and a PC security enthusiast. I am a Trusted member of MalwareTips and on those forums I have been
aware of SAP for quite some time.
I have a long history of open and closed Beta testing for both gaming software publishers and security software alike. I enjoy both and am a passionate Anti-Cheat advocate as well.
It's nice to be here, thanks for having me. :)

Junard Paglicawan:
Hi, I am newbie with SecureAplus. Just saying Hi and I hope you can help me more knowledgeable about the success rate of this product.


Marco Amara:
Hello, i'm new here. I think i should receive welcoming messages.


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