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Problems with Mac user
« on: September 26, 2020, 02:08:06 PM »
I'm a Mac user, and I've installed Parallel desktop to use Windows 10. (It is a Virtual machine base Windows)

I've used the SecureAplus in 2 whole nights and faced many problems with it.

1) I've installed a new windows (both english version and chinese version I've tried) then install this software SecureAPlus immediately with full scan.
After that, I can reboot the windows normally once or twice. However, when I go into the MS WINDOWS UPDATE, the windows will halt immediately!
And then my windows cannot boot up again, I must reinstall the windows in order to boot it up. (No use for booting in safe mode)
I face this problem for serval times with different version of Windows 10.
At last, I take a snapshot backup before going to Windows Update. This time I can restore the snapshot backup after it face the win update problem.
I've tried many ways to test it out. Finally, I uninstall the SecureAplus, then everything okay, I can go into Windows Update normally.
So, I think SecureAplus has an big issue with mac user since I've search on the internet and nobody mention it, may be it conflict with Parallel desktop / win update that I don't know.

2) I'm a developer of C#, I make program with Visual Studio 2019.
Every time I compile my programs for x86, the SecureAplus report they have virus.
However, if I change the compiler option to target x64, no virus will be alert.
Also, if I change to Visual Studio 2017 in another VM, it will no appear virus with the same project config (can be compile with x86)

I'm not sure whether my VM windows had been infected or your SecureAPlus always make misjudgment,
since I cannot find any virus with my Visual Studio 2019 environment even with SecureAPlus.

SecureAPlus is the only program that always report exe as infection. (checked by virustotal)
And I am very care of whether my production is clean, the users will not report me that my program has virus.
So, I pray you can make some improvements on SecureAplus.
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Re: Problems with Mac user
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2020, 10:00:51 AM »
Hi, for the Mac issue.
If you are to willing to help to troubleshoot, here are the steps:
- Download the following file:
- Extract the file, and double click on the .reg file
- When the problem occurs (windows halt), Hold on the Left Ctrl key, and press the Space bar.
   You may need to keep holding the Ctrl key and press the space bar repeatedly until a blue screen occurs.
   This blue screen is generated on purpose, so don't need to worry about it.
- After the blue screen occurs, wait until 100%.
- Reboot the machine, if it can no longer reboot, go to Safe Mode, and uninstall SecureAPlus.
- Compress the following file C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP, and send to via

For the second problem, I think you are referring to SecureAPlus APEX.
We will try to improve this in the future.
You may lower down the sensitivity which may help.
The other possible solution is to put the folder where the Visual Studio projects are located in the Exclusions list.