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Crab Orchard Schools:
I am having to remove SecureAplus from newley installed windows 10 (2004) CLEAN INSTALLATIONS because of a System Service Exception BSOD caused by this product. 
Furthermore, another user has also reported this problem and I do not see any response to it in the forum.

I must say, the technical support side of this application could use a little help.  Why do you make it difficult for customers to reach you?

I do not feel that putting this information in this forum is helpful at all in trying to resolve MY issues at the school district.
please respond to this in a timely manner.

May we have you send us the dump file, C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP
Kindly compress the file before sending.
And send via to

If you can't boot-up after BSOD, you can use these steps to recover:,347.msg987.html#msg987


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