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SecureAPlus v6.3.0
« on: August 04, 2020, 10:31:04 AM »
Bugs fixed:
- Avira and "Vulnerability Assessment" were not uninstalled cleanly
- SAP without UAV with Avira still shows UAV results in UAV bar when online
- SecureAPlus was not registered as AntiVirus
- Real-time antivirus scan prompt does not appear for Word doc virus, if only detected by UAV.
- AWL dialog too tall
- The log for Blocked command line does not have length and hash for the command line that the action other than "Always Block"
- Tray icon only changes when changing App Whitelisting mode from tray icon menu
- Simplified and traditional Chinese: "Interactive" text on main UI is different from the text in tray icon menu
- Error code: 87 for Request for whitelist approval and My Approved Whitelist   
- In certain situation EverythingServer keeps consuming memory.

- Change minimum sending log interval from 1 minute to 15 minutes
- Change log formatting, so that it will be easier for parsing at the server.
- Reduce whitelist.log during initial whitelist.
- When real-time scanning is off, UAV real-time scanning will be shown as off too.

What's new:
- Send software inventory information to server
- Added reg.exe into restricted application list
- Vulnerability Assessment supports software that only installed for current user.
- Auto Mode
  New installation: default mode is auto mode
  Upgrade: the settings will not be changed. If previous mode is interactive mode, it will remain as interactive
  Auto mode will make a decision based on "Digital Signature", APEX, UAV.
  There are some situations where there is not enough information for Auto Mode to make a decision.
  In this case, user will still see prompting.
- Updated German translation for Vulnerability Assessment.
- Added into the trusted certificate list: "Zoom Video Communication Inc", "Deluxe Pixel Limited"
- Check Linux permission attributes. If it doesn't have executable permission (x), do not need to block the file if it is untrusted.