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Hi there,
First of all would thanks u for the software, that have rly nice feature and difference approach respect other av vendors.
Starting from this, would share with u some ideas, that in my opinion can improve the software popularity:
1. Make a lite version on site, so ppl can test lite versions too cause otherwise have to ask support to convert to lite or w8 3 months for end trial period. In alternative u can make unique license code (like 00000-00000-00000-00000-00) that will convert all pc in lite license.
2. About multicloud AV, can be a good idea specially with normal/casual user (no geek) but in my opinion clamwin, f-prot, ikarus, mse are not so much reliable (them never has been tested in AV-comparatives, AV test,, etc in this years]. I would highly suggest to use the remains av vendors that give a good mix between security (almost the same score) and low fps.
3. For improve apex, should be insert a button to update all false positives during scan, so u can increase your database of whitelisted apps and ppls no waste much times to find and  copy all files , create archive with psw infected, and send to u (so lazy ppls will support too  ;D). All will become automatic.
4. About trust based on digitally signatures, if u give to all (lite version too) name e thumbprint in trusted certificate list u will increase the protection score for sure, but i can understand if it should be a premium benefit.
Sorry for my bad english,


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