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SecureAPlus v5.3.5


Here are the changes on this version.

Bugs fixed:
- The program did not automatically download Avira add-on after the license entered.
  This bug is started from SecureAPlus version 5.3.0
- Horizontal scrollbar will automatically appear if the whitelisted command line is long.
- Updated German translation
- Updated traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese translation.
- Updated trusted certificates
- Added double quote for service path that contains space.

What's new:
- If it is required to adjust the trust level for a running process (e.g. to a trusted installer), the client will check in the "Global Whitelist" (for SMS) or "My Approved Whitelist" (at the portal).
  In the older version, this can’t be done, and the process will remain in its current trust level.
- New option for upload file type: Executable and script files
- For newly installed SecureAPlus, the default upload file type for Universal AV is: "Executable and script files"
- Upload file type now can be changed from Universal AV settings.
- Added script, interpreter: iexplore.exe, extensions: .mht, and .mhtml


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