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A problem with my PC - spreading fishing kits


Two days ago I received an email suggesting to install the latest version of MS Outlook with new Plugins. I use this app every day so I agreed. Th program has been updated but my friends started calling me. They tell about receiving strange mails from me asking them to download something. I've searched in Google and found a clear understandable article about fishing: I think everyone should read it to be sure about internet security. But I still don't know what antivirus is the best for free now. Can someone share his opinion?

Terry Higgins:
Malwarebytes is a good optionas it provides robust protection against phishing. It can detect fraudulent sites and stop you from opening them, even if you're convinced they're legitimate. Much better option than Avast when we eal with such threats. Though you can see the comparison between avast and malwarebytes and get to know the better idea.

Steven Brown:
I guess free options can also be in considertion for antivirus . Therefore i would recommend to check the comparison between Windoes defender and Avast as well. Specialy for windows, i strongly recommend WD as it is most compatiable they can be very handy substitutes if you do not have enough money to continue with or choose antivirus like bitdefender, eset or kaspersky. Specially recent advanced features inclusion making Avast much more competitive with these top names.

Anatoli P:
I had a similar thing happen to me recently and a free trial of Avast that I had failed to notice it. When I was looking into getting a new antivirus there were quite a lot of positive Norton or McAfee reviews so I think I'm gonna go with the one that turns out to be cheaper. There are some other good ones here if anyone's wondering:


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