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False Positive?

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Hi Syazwani,
thank you for the link - I will send those files the next day, not tomorrow but the next day alongside with the above description.

I enjoy SecureAPlus - after a year of using it this is the first time something strange was reported.
Calm year, with no problems or troubles.


Hi Syazwani,
I just submitted my infected files as you suggested.

The FP's I reported are still being flagged as threats. Also, there are two more after a Windows Update to 1903.

Syazwani Saparman:
Hi ronald739

This is strange. Can I trouble you to send me your SecureAPlus ID via (reason being, we don't want other people to know your ID here), while I check with the team as to why the files are still flagged as threats on your machine.

Also, can you send the other two files that were flagged as threats after a Windows Update to 1903?

Yours sincerely,
SecureAPlus Team


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