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Premium 90 days not works

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Pa Po:

I installed the free version and then turned on the 90-day premium trial period. However, I still have only the clamAV engine available - there is no avira. The premium license is valid until the end of April. Do I have to reinstall the program or what?

Hi there, thanks for giving the 90-day trial a shot. The Premium Trial does not include the Avira engine as this is only reserved as an Add-On. It is a third-party technology so we are unable to include it as part of the Premium Trial.

We apologize for any confusion caused and that we hope that this not deter you from using SecureAPlus to protect your PC.

Pa Po:
I'm sorry, my mistake, thanks. It is a pity that it works like that

Pa Po:
I wonder if reinstalling the program generates a new id, or after the reinstallation I will have the same id

After reinstallation you will get the same id


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