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Notification bug


Anthony Royer:

I noticed a bug that I had already had last year but that you had fixed.

When SecureAPlus wants to inform me of a threat, the notification on the right does not open but remains folded in the bare spots. The notification is no longer in the foreground, the latter may be hidden.

I do not know if this is normal?

In Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 1809


Last time it was fixed by making the dialog shown without any icon at the tray.
There was a situation where there is another foreground window that potentially cover this dialog. If it happened, it will not be so obvious to the user, as there is no other sign that there was a dialog, as there is no icon at the tray area. For this reason, we decided to put back the icon at the tray area, so that if there is any other foreground Window covering it, the icon will be blinking to alert the user that there is a notification covered behind.

Anthony Royer:
All right, thanks for the explanation :)

Oscar Resnik:
Hi Hendy, is there no way to allow users to switch this on or off btw?

Hi Oscar,

I'm sorry for my late reply.
You can download and install the following:

Please also download the following file:
Extract the zip file.
To make the notification appear at the foreground (there is a possibility that sometimes it may covered by other foreground window), double click the following:

To make it appear at the task bar (currently this is the default settings), double click the following:


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