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SecureAPlus v5.1.0
« on: November 13, 2018, 09:29:08 AM »
We are pleased to announce the release of SecureAPlus version 5.
In this version we officially launched our first offline antivirus engine that based on deep learning, APEX.
For Windows Vista onwards, APEX will be the default offline antivirus engine, instead of ClamAV.

Here are the detail of the changes.
Bugs fixed:
- When UAV periodic scanning is disabled, setting daily limit failed.
- Fixed deadlock in driver when temporary set the process trust level to be the same as the script.
- Fixed crashed in Windows Subsystem for Linux when doing apt-get update.
- Some Linux files are not trusted after apt-get install
- Trust level was not carried forward to a new file when creating hard link for non PE (Portable Executable) files.
- Switch "Universal AV Full System Scan" from disabled to enabled, the text still showed "Unviersal AV is disabled".

- Disable ClamAV if APEX is not installed yet. By Default APEX is the engine that will be used as offline AV.
- Remove the question to ask permission to upload any type of file when manual scanner is used for the first time.
  By default the setting will allow to upload executable files only.
- Remove the user id verification when adding user into the trusted user account.
- Adjust command line rules column size to fit the content.
- The default setting when a USB storage is inserted is do not prompt. Previously the default setting was prompt user whether to scan the USB storage device.
- Reduce some client retry requests when the client encountered error when accessing Universal AV server.
- Change "Universal AV Periodic Scanning" to "Universal AV Full System Scan" at Universal AV -> Scan Settings. The description is also changed.
- Change the description for Universal AV On Demand Scanning:
  "Uses cloud antivirus engines for on demand scanning." to "Use Universal AV for manual scanning of files and folders (right click, scan)"
- Change "Universal AV is disabled" to "Universal AV Full System Scan is disabled" 
- It keep retrying to do full system scan when it cannot connect to the server. Modify this so that it will not retry when it is unable to connect to the server.

What's new:
- Offline antivirus powered by deep learning, APEX (for Vista onwards).
- Japanese translation for some new text.
- SecureAPlusSetup.exe (online installer) supports mass installation
- Added dmaster.exe and onedrive.exe in the restricted application list.
- Auto archive whitelist.log file when it is > 100,000,000 bytes. The archive will be saved in 7z format.
- Older archives will be automatically deleted after 1 year or more.
- ClamAV version 0.100.2 (for Vista onwards).
- Added script interpreter: powershell_ise.exe, extension: .ps1, .psc1