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"Proceed to payment" button on website not working

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Adam Bottjen:
My license is coming due in about a month and I went to renew for another 3 years but after I add it to the cart, clicking on the "Proceed to payment" button does nothing. I tried Edge, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Thanks.

Hi Adam,

Just to clarify, at the SecureAPlus Online Store (, you did the following :

* Under 'License Upgrade', you clicked your license that you wish to renew
* Click 'Add' and 'Next' to proceed on
* your License Renewal Upgrade is displayed on 'Your Order'
And when you attempted to click 'Proceed to Payment' (Red Button), nothing happened afterwards?

Adam Bottjen:
Correct, I click proceed to payment and nothing happens, it's as if the button is dead.

Thank you for the information.

We have managed to replicate the issue - and are currently implementing a workaround for it.

In the mean time, instead of going to 'My Licenses > Renew License' to renew, you can renew your license now by :

* Go to Online Store :
* Under 'License Upgrade', select the license you wish to renew
* Click 'Add' and 'Next' to proceed on
* Check your order details before clicking 'Proceed to Payment'
Source :

Adam Bottjen:
I'm also enrolled in the new Beta, can I receive any points for pointing out this bug?


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