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SecureAPlus v4.9.0
« on: May 28, 2018, 08:56:11 AM »
Some users reported that SecureAPlus dialogs look too big when display in the very high resolution. In this version we introduce a new feature that allow user to set custom scaling for SecureAPlus dialogs.

Here are the details of the changes in this version.
Bugs fixed:
- Typo in software update.
- Using Asteroid Belt theme, the text was not visible when prompting to scan USB flash drive.
- Antivirus service crashed when scan.db file was corrupted.
- Memory overrun in sanotifier.exe that sometimes caused sanotifier.exe crashed.
- Set process as trusted installer on-the-fly, does not permanently set the process file as a trusted installer.
- Some Polish text doesn't appear correctly during uninstallation.
- In some machines, sometimes the registration as antivirus failed. 

- Restore minimize button in the application whitelisting notification.
- When 2 USB storage devices are inserted at the same time, there will be 2 prompting to scan the USB device shown at the same time too.
  Modify this to show the prompting one by one, one after another.
What's new:
- SecureAPlus uninstaller icon
- When importing whitelist during installation, give a warning to let the user know that the system may not be boot up anymore if the whitelist is not coming from the exactly identical machine.
- Browse themes.
- Custom scaling.
- Non-blocking upload file to Universal AV, for Application Whitelisting prompting.
- Added certutil.exe into restricted application list.
- German translation
- Polish translation
- Traditional and simplified Chinese translation