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Tri Le:
Is there SecureAplus down?  I have been seeing this message for over 24 hours and the complete scan won't finished.

You may try to download and install the following patch:

Reboot is required after installation.

If the problem persists, please send us the log files, especially  C:\ProgramData\SecureAge Technology\SecureAge\log\UniversalAV.log
The detail on how to collect and send the log files, can be found at:

Tri Le:
Hi Hendy,

That seem to fixed the issue.  Now it actually pulling result back to the client.  I see there were file it detect as positive but was ignored. 


Tri Le:
Is there any ill effect if I update "Everything.exe" to the latest version and enable "load recent change from ntfs journal".  There seem to be improved performance UAV scanning.

I shouldn't be an issue. We have tested version, and it works.
We will include this version in our next release.


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