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Popup Application Whitelist bug



I found a bug in the management of the appearance of the popup related to the application whitelist.

Indeed, I open for example a file that is not approved, I have a small pop-up that opens at the bottom right of my screen to ask me if I want to approve this file. If I refuse to approve, Windows returns an error message because it can not open the file (which is normal).

But if I want to quickly reopen the same file, the pop-up does not open and Windows blocks me opening the file (see image below):

I have to wait a few minutes before seeing the popup again (for the same file) or sometimes I have to restart the computer.

Have you ever encountered this problem?


Application Whitelisting will remember the last user action for the same file, for 3 seconds.
If you quickly retry to open the same file again within 3 seconds, the same action will be applied.


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