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I'm coming to announce a bug pop-up appearance.

Indeed, when a threat appears, sometimes the pop-up does not appear correctly on the bottom right but appears in the Windows bar:

After several tries I have the impression that this problem occurs when it is a detection of the Avira addon.

Have you ever encountered this problem?

- Windows 10 Pro 64 bits (fall creators update)
- SecureAPlus Premium v4.7.7 with Avira addon
- Windows defender disabled by SecureAPlus and no other protection in addition.


We haven't encountered this issue before.
Did you try to click on the "SecureAPlus Antivirus" at the bottom Windows bar?
Sometimes if there is other window that set to the foreground, the pop-up may be behind the Window. "SecureAPlus AntiVirus" at the bottom bar will keep blinking. This is an indication that the pop-up want to show something, but it can't show it because some other Window prevent it to go the the front. When you click on it, the pop-up should be shown.

May I know what application that you are running when the pop up cannot be shown? Is it Notepad?

As you have suggested, it seems like the Antivirus detected something. Do you know what file that it detected? If the pop-up can't be shown, can you send us the log files, so we can help you to find which file that it detected. Probably it happened on the specific file. If you can send the sample file, may be we can try to reproduce it here, at our side. The details on how to collect the log file can be found at:


Indeed after clicking on this window the pop-up appears correctly.

Here are the open programs: Chrome, Spotify, Discord

I thought SecureAPlus would always be in the foreground to post a threat.

To be more specific, it was in an Eicar test that I realized this problem. (

Note: I'm using the black theme of SecureAPlus.

I hope that with this additional information you will succeed to reproduce this bug.


Thank you very much for providing us with more information.
We have modified the code to make the pop-up stay on top.
If you don't mind, can you help to double check whether it is fixed?
You can download the patch from:

Thanks and best regards,


The problem seems solved for me with your fix, you've been so fast :)

I think there would be the same kind of problem with the pop-up that opens to have if you want to scan a USB key or not at the connection of it.


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