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Why can't I change e-mail address in Profile?

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It only allows changing display name, but not registered e-mail.
I need to change it as I'm going to delete current e-mail registered in this forum.

I couldn't change my e-mail from SecureAPlus portal as well.
Isn't it serious inconvenience?

Hi Yuki,

Thank you for the feedback. Currently we do not allow users to change their emails. We understand that this might prove inconvenient but the SecureAPlus Portal has access to powerful features that we currently do not let users to freely change the email for security purposes.

We will be deliberating this for a potential change in the future but at the moment, please do send an email to so our team can assist you with the changes.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

I got it, thanks! :)

Otto Gabriel:
The Email is certainly the key to the account. Changing it may only mean changing the account. Right?


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