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ClamWin issue


We are currently experiencing some issues with ClamWin scanner’s integration in the cloud that has caused false positive detections.

If you receive a SecureAPlus Virus Scanner prompt or virus notification email that lists files that are detected by ClamWin that contain the following strings under either the Virus Name column (desktop prompt) or the results column (email notification):

ViruScan (C) ...
... 988-3832

Please ignore them for the time being as they are false positive detections. Our team is hard at work in resolving this issue on the server side.

On the client side, temporarily, you can disable ClamWin engine from App Settings -> Universal AV -> Customize Active AV Engines, untick ClamWin ( After disabling it, you need to refresh the scan result by clicking on "Full System Scan".

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We have temporarily disabled ClamWin while we are working to resolve the issue. There will be no ClamWin result display on the client software for the time being.


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