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Update for Round 2

In consideration of the new round of testing, please begin your Suggestion topics with "Round 2 Testing".

i.e. Round 2 Testing: Allow Selecting the Location of Notification

The SecureAPlus Team will be actively monitoring the Suggestions section throughout the Beta Program period. To make this process as constructive and as orderly as possible, please take note of the following points:

Beta Program Rounds of Testing

The Beta Program will involve multiple rounds of testing. Each round will have a particular objective and scope. While we welcome Suggestions covering any aspect of the Beta Client, we will be prioritising suggestions revolving those that are under the scope of the current round.

Visit the News & Updates section to find out the current round of testing objective and scope.

Submitting a Suggestion

Open a new thread within the Suggestion section of the forum if you have a suggestion with the current round of testing/version of the SecureAPlus Beta client.

We advise following the below naming convention:

Round [insert current beta round of testing] Suggestion: [one-line summary of suggestion]

i.e. Round 1 Suggestion: Changing Text/Copy of Universal AV Scanning Results

Describe the reasoning behind the suggestion in as much detail as possible. We can best consider your suggestion if you could highlight the following:

1. For problems with the current execution, illustrate scenarios where your suggestion would serve users better.

2. For additions/new features, illustrate how it adds to the value proposition and user experience of SecureAPlus

3. Possible examples from other software to support/illustrate your suggestion.

Adding to an Existing Thread

Before opening a new thread, Beta Testers should look through the Suggestions section for any open threads similar to your suggestion. It is highly recommended to instead add to the existing thread rather than opening a new one as this adds credibility to the idea and may provide synergy between ideas of other beta testers.

Merging of Duplicate Threads

The SecureAPlus team will be merging duplicate or inherently similar suggestion threads at its discretion. This is to facilitate and consolidate better constructive feedback between Beta Testers.

Granting of Points for the Beta Program

The SecureAPlus Team will be granting points to Beta Testers whose suggestions are submitted via the SecureAPlus Account Portal. Beta Testers need to submit the link to the Suggestion Thread using the submission tool provided. Additional comments to existing Suggestion threads are also accepted.

SecureAge Technology and the SecureAPlus team reserves the right to grant points based on value of submission on a case to case basis. Please allow the team at least 48 hours to respond or grant the point after submission.

We hope that Beta Testers keep in mind the above points for consideration in submitting suggestions. We may need to update the above points based on the progression of the Beta so we encourage to make it a habit to check on this sticky every time Beta Testers intend to submit a new suggestion.

We thank you for your time to read the considerations for submitting suggestions.

Good luck and happy testing!


The SecureAPlus Team
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