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[31 January 2018 Update: Phase Two of the SecureAPlus Mobile Beta is Now Live!]

It's been awhile but we're finally moving on to the next phase of the SecureAPlus for Android Beta Program which marks the introduction of AppLocker to it's set of features to protect your phone.

The Beta is Now Open to Everyone

We initially started out in closed Beta to keep the initial testing to existing SecureAPlus users. With Phase Two, SecureAPlus for Android can now be accessed by anyone so you can now go about inviting your friends to give it a try.

Search for "SecureAPlus" at the Google Play Store or simply visit the following URL:

What's New:

Prevent applications of your choice from being accessed by unauthorized users via a passcode lock.

Updated UI with Animated Icons
User interface now incorporates updated SecureAPlus colors and new animated icons


 - Added button to clear all apps that were previously added for AppLocker
 - AppLocker settings to define when the lock will be enabled (i.e. unlock until reboot, unlock until phone lock, etc.)

Known Bugs:
 - When scanning files using the "Scan File" feature, SecureAPlus crashes after taking a while on the loading page
 - Open recent tasks when AppLocker is showing will display after image of the AppLocker header title
 - Closing AppLocker prompt will also close SecureAPlus app if it is running in the background
 - Switching apps with AppLocker lock multiple times will occasionally crash SecureAPlus
 - Displaying of the app list is slow immediately after the unlock AppLocker page

All the basic rules from Phase One still applies (please refer below for a recap), but please refrain from reporting known bugs as the SecureAPlus Team is already actively working to fix them.

[End of 31 January 2018 Update]

The SecureAPlus Mobile Beta will involve three rounds of testing. As each new phase will have new features to test, please keep bug reports and feedback within the scope of the current round.

Visit the Beta Program News & Updates section to find out the current round of testing objective and scope.

Submitting a Unique Bug Report

Open a new thread within the Bug Reports & Fixes section of the Beta forum if you have found a bug with the current round of testing/version of the SecureAPlus Mobile Beta client.

We advise following the naming convention below:

Round [insert current beta round of testing] Testing: [one-line description of bug]

i.e., Round 1 Testing: Mobile App Full System Scanning Stuck Bug

On the thread post body, describe the bug in as much detail as possible. It is typically helpful for our technical team to receive any/all of the following:

1. Steps to reproduce the problem.
2. Info on concurrently running apps that may have caused a conflict (i.e., other security software)
3. Supporting screenshots whenever necessary to illustrate your issue.

Submission of Supporting Files

Unlike the previous Beta, the SecureAPlus Mobile App has a built-in feature to send your Application Logs for review whenever a bug or a crash happens. Just open the app again and go to the feedback portion.

Adding to an Existing Thread

Before opening a new thread, Beta Testers should look through the Beta Reports & Fixes section for open bug report threads. Should the bug you intend to report has already been reported by another Beta Tester, it is highly recommended to instead add to the existing thread rather than opening a new one.

Merging of Duplicate Threads

The SecureAPlus team will be merging duplicate or inherently similar bug report threads at its discretion to facilitate and consolidate better constructive feedback between Beta Testers.

Closing of Bug Report Threads

The SecureAPlus Team may close a bug report thread if:

1. The bug has already been resolved during internal testing after the bug was reported.
2. Enough information has been collected to address the bug, and a fix is already in progress.
3. The reported issue is intentional or by design with a fix already scheduled to implement in another round of testing or future release.
4. The flow of the thread is no longer sound or constructive and/or violates the forum rules of conduct.
5. The Mobile Beta Program is already over.

The SecureAPlus Team reserves the right to reopen a thread when necessary (i.e., bug resurfacing).

Granting of Points for the Beta Program

The SecureAPlus Team will be granting points to Beta Testers whose bug reports are submitted via the SecureAPlus Account Portal.

Beta Testers need to submit the link to their Bug Report Thread using the submission tool provided. Additional comments to existing Bug Report threads are also accepted.

Amount of points granted may vary and is subject to the value of the bug report and level of cooperation of the reporting Beta Tester.

SecureAge Technology and the SecureAPlus team reserves the right to grant points based on the value of submission on a case-to-case basis. Please allow the team at least 48 hours to respond or grant the point after submission.

We hope that Beta Testers keep in mind the above points for consideration in submitting bug reports.

We thank you for your time to read the bug report considerations.

Good luck and happy bug hunting!


The SecureAPlus Team


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