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Alberto Meneses:
Hi i really like your software but to save system resources i want to know if is posible disable realtime scanning in universal av and only use secure a plus as a whitelist program like vodooshield or nvt exe radar. Thanks for your atention. Can you give some screen shots?

To do that, you can simply turn off real-time scanning in the scan settings.
For the details, can be found at:

The Application Whitelisting is always enabled, regardless of the real-time scanning settings.

Alberto Meneses:
I have another cuestion How can Universal AV realtime protection can work alongside traditional av? in my case i use emsisoft how can it work togegher? how can not have error like duplicate read of a file? Emsisoft are monitoring system in realtime how can you work to elude a overlap whith universal av realtime protection enabled?
Is posible a overlap whith universal av realtime protection enabled?

It is possible to run Universal AV real-time protection along with other traditional antivirus, but you are right, double reading will happen if both are trying to scan the same file. On our side, to allow this to happen, we set the file reading permission to be shared, so other antivirus can read the same file at the same time. Usually the same thing is done by other antivirus company, if they are reading the file first, they also will share the file reading permission, so other process can read the same file while the scanning occurs.

Alberto Meneses:
Hi i really apreciate the explain. I want to ask you or sugest you two things about interface.
If i disable Universal AV it say i am in risk. Its a litle agresive, dont you think is better say White list mode" include in set up
Full protection to Offline, cloud realtime and whitelist enabled
Cloud protection= _Universal AV realtime  and whitelit enabled
Whitelist mode=  Universal av no realtime and whitelist enabled.
The mensaje "unprotected or at risk are very agressive"
And another thing
Where i can see that programs i allow or whitelist by myself? they are separated ? I think is important a distinction btween user and software desision in interface
Finally is posible reset the whitelist?


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