Author Topic: SecureAPlus - downloading stuff with torrent client fills my SSD with TMP files  (Read 3467 times)

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How to get ride of topic problem ?

I just notice that my SSD is filed up with bunch of TMP files when i downloading files using qbittorrent. I have added qbittorrent to white list but problem still occurs.

Any solutions ?

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I think the tmp files that you are referring to are the temporary files  created during real-time scanning.
The temporary files will be automatically cleaned up every 5 minutes.

Do you use other offline Antivirus engine (e.g. Windows Defender, or any other third party antivirus engine)?
If you do, you may turn off the real-time scanning (
SecureAPlus offline antivirus is optional. The SecureAPlus core engine, which is Application Whitelisting, is always enabled, regardless of the antivirus settings.

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