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Valerio Valentini:
Hello. I have installed SecureAPlus v4.6.3.9 for the first time. There is written that every time  I reboot SecureAPlus a sample file is uploaded. What is this sample file?


At the beginning, SecureAPlus will send hashes (a kind of thumbprint of the files) to server for scanning.
If the server doesn't have the hash recorded in its database, this means that it has never seen the file before. To scan a file, the server need to have the sample file. The server will find out which user has the file, and upload the file from the client machine. Universal AV only uploads executable files (such as .exe, .dll, .ocx, .com, etc.).


Valerio Valentini:
Thank you very much.


Will good to add option log file for know path-file and hash was send.
When i write this reply, there are 346 files submitted.

I want know unknows files was send for manual inspection on virustotal.

Thank you

You can find the uploaded files from:
C:\ProgramData\SecureAge Technology\SecureAge\log\UniversalAV.log

Please look for the following keyword:


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