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Hi Guys,

Let me introduce Hendy who will be managing this forum from now onwards.

Please feel free to give whatever feedback or comments about SecureAPlus to him.

Cheers and all the best,

Hi all,

Thank you Sin Lam for introducing me, and all the best for your future.
I'm Hendy, one of the SecureAPlus team member.

Best of luck to you sinlam!

And welcome hendy. I am Pedersen, one of the users who have been following SAP since its young days and beta tester for ya.
Hope we will have some interesting conversation in the future for the benefit of SAP. I'll drop a PM too ;)

Hi Pedersen,

Nice to meet you. I've received your PM  ;)

Hello, hendy.
I'm Yuki, have been beta tester too.
I've been learned many things from sinlam, and will be learn more from you.
Also really hope I can help you & SAP.
Nice to meet you! ;)


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