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New Software Update, SecureAPlus Version 3.2.3


Hi Everybody,

It is our pleasure to announce the release of SecureAPlus Version 3.2.3.

In this version, we have incorporated VirusTotal to Application Whitelisting message prompt. Previously, when users attempt to install or run any program that is not found in the trusted list, the Application Whitelisting message popup will appear, displaying Universal AV scanning result as well as prompting the user whether to trust and allow the program to run. In this new version, if Universal AV does not have the sample file, it will display the VirusTotal scan result instead of Universal AV.

If VirusTotal does not have the sample file, users will have the option of submitting it to VirusTotal by clicking on the hyperlink.

If you choose to upload the sample file to VirusTotal, you will see this upload sample file to VirusTotal screenshot.

Please note that the VirusTotal Scan result will stay as "Unknown" during the scanning process. But once VirusTotal has completed the scanning process, you will see the scan result as shown below.

You can click on the text, "VirusTotal detection ratio" to see detailed VirusTotal scan results.

Other bugs fixes and enhancements are as follows:

1. Fixed - After clicking on "Complete Scan" button manually, the Universal AV scan results may show fewer infected files than the actual number of infected files at times.
2. Fixed - Certain portion of SecureAPlus Main Console's display flickers on some computers.
3. Change the header of the Universal AV virus alert from "Threat detected!" to "Threat detected by Universal AV!".
4. Only users in the Trusted Account list are allowed to modify the content in the "Manage User Rights".
5. Add "Torch" browser, "Internet Download Manager", "BitTorrent", "qBittorent" and "uTorrent" to the Restricted Application list.
6. Default browser is automatically included in the "Restricted Application" list.
7. SecureAPlus User Guide now includes an explanation on the usage of Trusted Users and Trusted Groups.

For more information about the latest changes or to download SecureAPlus v3.2.3, please visit

If you already have version 3.2.1 installed on your computer and you did not change the default software update setting, your existing version will be updated to version 3.2.3 automatically upon your next reboot of your computer.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to post in this forum or email to


In this new version, you can also choose to disable the "Good News" message prompt which appears after each reboot of your computer.

1. Click "Settings" on SecureAPlus Main Console.

2. At Universal AV settings dialog, click on "Message Popup" tab.

3. To disable the message prompt, click on the checkbox of "Show message prompt" to remove the green tick. Then click on the "Apply" button.


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