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Important Update on 2nd Opinion Scanning with SecureAPlus


Hi SecureAPlus Users,

To those who have inquiring about the errors with the 2nd opinion scanning section of SecureAPlus over the past week, please find more information about this on the following announcement page:

Brief Summary
The people behind VirusTotal has requested our team to remove all reference to their service due to a change in their policy. We are adhering to their request and the next release of SecureAPlus will no longer include this section. Core features such as Universal AV and Application Whitelisting will function as per normal.

Moving Forward
We will continue to communicate with VirusTotal in case something changes that will allow for this feature of convenience to possibly make a return.

In the meantime, users who wish to continue using VirusTotal as a 2nd opinion scanner may still do so by visiting their site. We have made it easier for users to locate the file being blocked on your computer in order for manual uploading to VirusTotal. Rest assured that until you Unblock and Trust, the file in question cannot run just like always.

Open for Discussion
We are posting this here in the forum in the hopes of addressing any concerns by the community as much as we can regarding this development. If you have questions please post them here and we will do our best to answer them.

Hi All,

We are making some changes to how second opinion scanning works with SecureAPlus. For the full announcement refer to the following URL:

In a nutshell, we are no longer showing second opinion scanning results on the Application Whitelisting UI but instead, we are making it easy to send information to VirusTotal so that their diagnosis will be viewable on their web page. There are some caveats to this approach but it does streamline the application whitelisting prompt for users who do not intend to use second opinion scanning while those that are interested in it are given a simple option to do so with a more comprehensive view.

The change will be happening in July 2017 with the release of the next SecureAPlus update (4.6.2).


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