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Everything.exe high cpu usage ?

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Wojtek Ślawski:
I just wonder if only i have high cpu usage sometimes like everything.exe is eating whole core(only one of its processes). I dont know what is causing it. Also didnt check if its fixed on 4.2 version.

MY OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
i5 2500k @ 4.2
16gb ram
2 ssds + 2 hdds(secureaplus on ssd)

everything.exe is a file indexing program. Sometimes it may busy updating the file index when there are file transactions (e.g. a new file creation, file deletion, etc).
Some of the file transactions may not be visible to the user because it is done by background processes. For example when Windows update is downloading new files, it may cause everything to update the index, so the cpu usage may be high.

Wojtek Ślawski:
This problem is really annoying. Most of the time I disable some functions when for example I'm playing some game. This everything.exe can take like 15-20% of CPU which is pretty huge and in some games(like counter-strike global offesnive) i got insta fps drop.

I don't even know why I even need this file indexing. I have an SSD, i have disabled it in system.

Can you add some option to disable indexing party of secureaplus ? Or it's needed for something or what ?

It is mostly used by Universal AV to locate file.

Wojtek Ślawski:
It could be really nice if there could be something like game mode or option to disable this file indexing application for some time so it doesn't work. It's really annoying, every time i play counter strike global offensive i need to kill those processes myself beacause when one of them is using fully one core i just got super slow down in game.


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