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Round 3 Beta Program Information & Known Issues
« on: October 15, 2015, 02:41:43 PM »
Update Released - Version 4.1.5

This major update was released on 3 February 2016 and represents the beginning of Round 3 Testing of the Beta Program. The following details are as of Version 4.1.5:

New App Settings Window
New UI with Auto-Saving of Changes Made
Besides sporting an updated look, the new App Settings window section now implements changes on the fly without the need for an “Apply” button.

Use of Toggles and Reorganisation of Certain Settings into Tabs
Toggles are now used to activate-deactivate a lot of the tweakable settings. Some settings have been shifted around and grouped into tabs.

New Notifications Settings
Users can now choose which corner of the screen notifications will appear. This is handy for cases where another security software installed uses the same corner as SecureAPlus - by setting another corner there will be no overlap between SecureAPlus notifications and other security notifications.

New Info & Licenses Window

Reworked About Section
The new Info & Licenses section is the logical reworking of most of the information section of the SecureAPlus UI which includes the SecureAPlus ID, license, and details about the software.

New Account Section
Users with SecureAPlus Accounts can now easily add their devices to their account by logging in from within the SecureAPlus client.

Other New Items
 - A Diagnosis section is included in the Info & Licenses window. Currently it only allows users to easily locate the log file for sending to SecureAge Technology if there is an issue encountered with SecureAPlus
 - New Initial Full System Scan window and prompts that contains more useful information to new users of SecureAPlus. Beta Testers will need to uninstall and reinstall SecureAPlus to see the changes.

Known Issues (Not Bugs)
 - there are no longer any known issues for the SecureAPlus Beta client. Any bug or unforeseen error at this stage should be reported as such in either the Beta Forum or the Beta Section of the SecureAPlus portal


Update Released - Version 4.1.3

This major update was released on 9 December 2015 and represents the beginning of Round 2 Testing of the Beta Program. Following Details are as of Version 4.1.3:

Added Application Whitelisting Notifications with New UI
Color Coded Notification Elements
Allows for easier blocked threat assessments at a glance. Green is used for cases where no issues were found with the certificate or any of the scanners while Red represents potential threats and needs the user’s attention. Blue elements represent items that are processing (i.e. retrieving results from VirusTotal) and may require some time to arrive at an assessment.

Expandable Notification Window to reveal more information
Threats detected by either Universal AV, VirusTotal, or the Offline scanners may be expanded to reveal more information. Information tables are scrollable when applicable to view more information.

Additional Detected Threat Resolution Buttons Available
For notifications with detections from any of the scanners, users now have the option to quarantine, delete, or ignore (unblock & trust) the file in addition to simply blocking the it when they view the diagnosis from UAV or VirusTotal.

Other New Items
 - Manual scanning by UAV now supports any type of files.
 - ClamAV upgraded to v0.99
 - Automatically disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 when necessary
 - Winrar & Windows Phone added to trusted certificates list

Known Issues (Not Bugs)
 - Universal AV and Offline AV prompts are still using the old UI. This will be gradually be changed during Round 2 through incremental updates.
 - Main UI status will change to “Not Responding” whenever OLD UI windows (i.e. Settings, About, etc.) are currently active.
 - In Windows XP, there is an issue with desktop refreshing when SecureAPlus blocks a file located in the desktop and the notification is being moved or resized.

Bugs fixed:
 - previous display issue on 1280x720 resolution screens that covered menu bar buttons has been fixed
 - fixed issue where application whitelisting was still prompting for untrusted files which were in the queue prior to switching to Trust All mode
 - fixed issue where Universal AV stopped displaying the “Good News” dialog upon boot up even when the PC is clean.

- Improved compatibility when upgrading Windows 7 Home Edition to Windows 10
- After successfully installing SecureAPlus, the final dialog button has been changed to “Ok” from “Next”
- Successful install dialog message has been tweaked


Update Released - Version 4.1.1

This minor update was released on 27 October 2015 and addresses most of the critical issues that Beta Testers found as of 26 October 2015.

Details are as follows:

Bugs fixed:
- New UI was not compatible with Windows XP
- New UI, manual scanner, maximized and restored buttons issue.
- In Windows XP, Windows Explorer context menu icon was truncated.

- Shorten main console.
- Exclude network drive during initial whitelist
- Fixed left panel width for manual scanner, so it will not be resized when maximized.
- Supports higher resolution SecureAPlus tray icon for Windows Vista onwards.

Above changes are also reflected on the original thread post.

Beta Testers can get the update via auto or manually updating from the client or downloading from your SecureAPlus Account Beta section.


What’s New & Focus for Testing (as of Beta 4.1.0)

The following items are either new or improved. We are prioritising making these work well and would appreciate feedback regarding these first and foremost.

New UI Functionality and Compatibility with Various Systems
 - Home Console
 - Universal AV Window
 - On-Demand Scanner

Immediate On-Demand Scanning with Multiple AVs
 - Activate via Right-Click of File/Folder and choosing Scan (with SecureAPlus logo)

Faster Switching of Application Whitelisting Modes
 - Switching between different modes of Application Whitelisting can now be done on the Home Console
 - UAC permission no longer required for switching modes

Performance Impact & Improvements
 - New UI is SecureAPlusUI.exe
 - Use of Animated Assets in UI

Important Note to those Installing the Beta over a Public Release Version

We highly recommend that Beta Testers do a totally fresh install (no pre-existing installation) of the SecureAPlus Beta.

However it is certainly possible to simply install over an existing installation of the public release of SecureAPlus (currently version 3.4.3 at the time of release of round 1 testing). If you plan to do so, we advise that the Beta Tester do the following:

1. On your current (public release) version of SecureAPlus, disable auto-update to prevent the client from auto-updating to the public release version after you have installed the beta. You can do this by:

App Settings > Update > Click either “Notify me for new update”* or “Manual update”

* We highly recommend that you switch to “Notify Update”

2. Reboot your computer after disabling Auto-Updates.

3. Install the Beta by opening the Beta installer. This will install over your existing public release version and will not require doing the initial whitelisting process all over again.

4. Upon completing the Beta installer, it is highly recommended that you reboot your PC one more time and check if your update settings are still intact.

By doing the above, the Beta Client will not automatically download the latest public release of SecureAPlus over the Beta installation.

Solved Issues (as of Version 4.1.1):

The following issues have been resolved based bug reports and suggestions made during this round of testing so far.

New UI Windows not Appearing on Windows XP

The windows with the new UI design were not compatible with Windows XP during the initial release (version 4.1.0). This has now been fixed and users on XP SP3 can now open the windows with the newly designed UI elements (i.e. Home Console).

Maximize & Restore Button Not Working as Intended

The maximize and restore buttons on the On-Demand Scanner windows did not work as intended when users tried to resize or move the window after they have maximized the window. This has now been fixed and are working as intended.

Text Rendering Issues on High Resolution/PPI Displays

We received cases where screens with resolutions of 1920x1080 or higher rendered text within the new UI that were much larger than intended. This has since been fixed.

Main Console Window Too Tall for Lower Resolution Screens

The main console was originally 725 pixels tall at minimum. This caused the main console and its relevant windows (i.e. Universal AV Scanner) to be bigger than the screen and are partially covered by the taskbar. We have since reduced the height to 675 pixels tall.

Main Console Window Too Tall for Lower Resolution Screens

The main console was originally 725 pixels tall at minimum. This caused the main console and its relevant windows (i.e. Universal AV Scanner) to be bigger than the screen and are partially covered by the taskbar. We have since reduced the height to 675 pixels tall.

Known Issues:

While we welcome your suggestions on the below cases, please do not report the following as bugs. We are already aware of these issues and we intend to fix them during the Beta.

Only Home, Universal AV Scan, & On-Demand Scanner Windows have New Interface

We are trying to get your feedback as early in the process as possible. Hence the new interface has not been implemented to all the windows as of this round. This is so that your feedback and suggestions on the direction of the interface can be taken into account for the new interface of the other SecureAPlus windows.

Notifications, App Settings, Account & Info, and others will be released with the new UI in future rounds of testing.

SecureAPlus.exe Not Responding when viewing App Settings & Info & Licenses

Since we are still using the old UI for App Settings & Info & Licenses, those windows become child processes of the main SecureAPlus UI and thus makes it non-responsive while either the App Settings or Info & Licenses are still open.

The current workaround is to simply close the App Settings or Info & Licenses window before going back to the new main SecureAPlus UI. This issue is to be fixed on a future release of the client.

Immediate On-Demand Scanner & Universal AV Full System Scan Result Discrepancy

The current configuration of the On-Demand scanner (right-click & scan) only uses a maximum of 6 cloud anti-virus engines. This is intentional to facilitate beta testing of the new feature.

Since the On-Demand feature is currently communicating with a dedicated server that is separate from the default Universal AV server that’s used for the quick full system scan, files uploaded and detected by the On-Demand scanning will not reflect on the Universal AV full system scan results.

We intend to integrate the detections of both servers as well as use the full 12 engines for on-demand scanning in the future, but as of Round 1 of testing, this will not be the case.
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