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SAP loaded since Saturday, February 13 after going into my SAP snapshot.


...But, last complete scan shows as: 2016/02/08 - 8:49 pm   

It has not changed  since. It is, now, the 15th February, 7:25 am....It seems stuck.

Are you using Beta version or the official release version?
To help us to understand better, can you send us the log file (C:\ProgramData\SecureAge Technology\SecureAge\log\UniversalAV.log) to

Hi hendy,

That location does not apply in XP....Also, I am running the latest beta version.  See, my recent posts at Wilders' forums, and to which you have responded, recently

Booting into my SAP snapshot,  just a little earlier today, and the problem I described is no longer in evidence.  It has resumed normal operation it seems, and  is showing that it has updated, now. See, the enclosed screenshots that were taken a short time ago.  It must have been some problem with your server when I was last in this snapshot, when I reported my problem.

Hi Tarnak,

Thank you for your update.
I'm sorry I forgot that you are using XP  :)

I forgive you.   ;D


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