Author Topic: Round 3 Suggestions: Network Settings Additions  (Read 9309 times)

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Round 3 Suggestions: Network Settings Additions
« on: January 11, 2016, 07:29:56 PM »
This suggestion is with regards to the lack of any real network related settings to choose from, which may be a problem for certain users. For example, say a user has SecureAPlus installed on a laptop used for work purposes which is used on multiple networks/multiple adapters. Like if said user is at work or home connected to certain networks or using a certain network adapter, he or she doesn't need to worry about sample files being uploaded to be scanned due to no data caps and fast network speeds But, then he or she may travel and end up tethering, or using hotel networks. Then he or she might have major issue with uploading any sample files due to data caps or slow networks. Right now, the user has no choice for the varying upload scenarios, aside from manually setting the upload limit each time he or she changes situations, which is ignoring the issue with all upload stats counting together, regardless of network.

My proposed suggestions:

1) Most straight forward addition that should be added would be to add the network settings into the system tray menus so a user doesn't have to go into the settings menu to make selections.

2) Add the ability to configure the max upload rate. Potentially also allowing SecureAPlus to also check the current computer's network usage to scale the max upload rate as well.

3) Add the ability to assign data caps and/or upload rate limits per network (i.e. wireless networks) and/or network adapter so the settings can be automatically changed based on which is currently in use.
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Re: Round 3 Suggestions: Network Settings Additions
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2016, 03:59:08 PM »
This is a great suggestion and something that we will look into. But let me pose some follow up questions to your feedback:

1. Regarding including it in the tray. This may be the quickest solution to this issue and will certainly be considered.

2. Max uploads is something that we are also exploring. There are a few more factors that we want to find out as to how it it will affect perceive performance if users set a lower upload limit.

3. This will be a bit more complicated to implement but certainly a handy one. This would mean that SecureAPlus will need to remember network profiles and automatically readjust settings based on it

* As this thread is more relevant to Round 3 testing, I have updated the subject to reflect it. Please feel free to continue adding your suggestions around this topic in this thread.