Author Topic: Round 2 Suggestions: Initial Scan Additions and Changes  (Read 11025 times)

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Round 2 Suggestions: Initial Scan Additions and Changes
« on: January 11, 2016, 05:20:13 PM »
After installing the beta on another computer I came to notice a few things I'd change or add with regards to the initial scan.

1) Upon installation, ask the user if they want to run the initial scan (with all the information as to it's purpose, and that it may take a long time, etc) upon reboot, rather than instantly starting the scan, to which can also ask if they may want to reboot at that moment or not. Since some users may not want the initial scan to start just yet (don't have the time, or would rather start the scan from a reset state, need to uninstall things, etc). This would save users from going into the pause menu to set it to pause until reboot and then closing the scan window; instead would get two actions in a single window, as well as warning new users about the initial scan before it happens so it is not a surprise.

2) When the initial scan is paused, the rotating animation around the SecureAPlus icon should also be paused, and the text "Full System Scanning is in progress..." should probably be changed to "Full System Scan is Paused."

3) This window will be a users first experience with SecureAPlus, along which some users of which may not particularly be technologically literate (i.e. elderly quite often), but may have been recommended to use this program (which I'm assuming you'd want). Right now some of the messages in the lower section come off more as advertisements, which shouldn't really be necessary when a user has already installed the program. So, since this initial scan will likely take quite awhile, and since some of these new users might watch, why not make the lower section give more of a walk through of the SecureAPlus interface and features (with arrows or some other way to go back). This way a more interactive tutorial for these non-tech users shouldn't be necessary, tech users can ignore it (not be annoyed) if they want to, and all the usual information about the features and the application interface is presented before ever actually opening it. Although of course would need to ensure each image would updated with each interface update, so this might not be something until after the interface is 100% complete for the next public build.

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Re: Round 2 Suggestions: Initial Scan Additions and Changes
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2016, 03:16:36 PM »
Thank you for your detailed comments on the initial whitelisting process of SecureAPlus and now that we are already in Phase 3 some of these has been addressed when we moved to the newer UI for the initial full system scan but I will respond to some of your suggestions below:

1. We always start the scan immediately after installing since for SecureAPlus Application Whitelisting to truly work, this initial process (which includes building the whitelist) is very important to finish. By giving the option to temporarily forego this as soon as it is installed may not be an intuitive choice to leave to a new user. For those who wish to really delay this process, which is not ideal, users can always choose to pause the scan.

2. Currently (on Phase 3) on the initial scan window itself, when you click on Pause, the text under the progress bar does say "Paused". However, as you pointed out when users go to the Main UI the scanning animation is active even while the initial scan is paused. There is actually more to it than just the full system scan itself but we do get your point that there is a disconnect from the user expectations when the initial scan is paused. We will try to find a solution/better approach to this to avoid confusion.

3. The messages from the old initial scan window were actually tips but you may be right that some may perceive it as a feature showcase meant to convince people to download and install the app when it is already installed. On the new UI we now clearly marked the updated section as "Tips" and we have carefully selected ones that are much more relevant given that the initial full system scan is still in progress.

I hope that the above addresses your concerns. Please do check out the latest round of testing to see some of the changes in this process and feel free to add more into this thread.