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Error after clicking on question mark in SecureAPlus Settings


Mateusz Kurlit:
In SecureAPlus Settings window, when I click on question mark, I get error code 2 that says "unable to open file: C:\Program Files\SecureAge\Whitelist\SecureAPlus User Guide.pdf". Cannot find specified file.

I am using SecurAPlus 4.1.4

Screenshot with error is attached

Hi Mateusz,

Thanks for reporting. This is a leftover of the old UI as we are working on migrating everything to the new UI. Clicking on the "?" should originally open the PDF manual. As we transition to the newer UI it will instead default to loading the SecureAPlus support pages.

We will be introducing an updated PDF manual for offline use but that will not be a part of the SecureAPlus beta.

The reason not everyone was experiencing this is because for beta installs over an existing installation the PDF file is already installed along with the public release. Doing a clean install using the beta installer completely omits the manual and hence not being able to load the manual because it is not included inside the beta installer.


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