Author Topic: SecureAPlus Beta v4.1.4  (Read 13390 times)

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SecureAPlus Beta v4.1.4
« on: January 05, 2016, 08:43:34 AM »
We are pleased to announce the release of SecureAPlus Beta v4.14.

Here are the details of the changes:

Bugs fixed:
- Application whitelisting notification has a problem in displaying long file name without space.
- Universal AV status screen (in the main UI) - Missing text at the bottom of the screen (Ignored and uploaded file size)

- Application Whitelisting notification: Swap VirusTotal and UAV position (UAV first then VirusTotal)
- Change ‘Application Whitelisting’ to ‘SecureAPlus Application Whitelisting’.

- Good News dialog.
- UAV threats detected dialog.
- Real-time scanning virus detection dialog
- Animation for manual scanner
- When user move over on the file that detected as virus (in manual scanner or UAV), the filename will be highlighted. When the user click on it, it will open Windows Explorer to navigate to the file location.
- Quarantine and History dialog.
- Software update dialog.
- License expired dialog.